Month: June 2016

What He Really Thinks (WHRT)… About How You Manage Your Money

The topic of money triggers more arguments than any other aspect of a relationship, even more so than fidelity. The main reason being that men feel like they have a right to comment freely on how the women in their

What He Really Thinks (WHRT)… About Moving In Together

So you’ve beendating for longer thanyou can remember andyou’ve been talkingabout taking the relationshiponto that next leveland moving in together.Cohabiting, as it is commonlyknown, is arguably the most significantstep towards finding out ifthere is a long term future in yourrelationship.

What He Really Thinks… About Your Weight

So you’re feeling a little heavy and those few pounds that you put on over the Christmas/New Year/Bank Holiday period have multiplied. We’re heading towards summer and the thought of strutting your stuff in the sexy denim mini and halter