What He Really Thinks… About Your Weight

So you’re feeling a little heavy and those few pounds that you put on over the Christmas/New Year/Bank Holiday period have multiplied. We’re heading towards summer and the thought of strutting your stuff in the sexy denim mini and halter neck top, (the one that when you’re at your best you know you look fabulous in), has prompted you to get back in shape.

A meticulous diet and a taster session at the gym are all being prepared, but you need a baseline test, something, or better still someone, who loves you enough to tell you straight just how near or far you are from reaching your goal. You decide that that someone should be your man. So as soon as you get a chance to broach the subject you do, and the conversation goes a little something like this:

YOU: ‘Babes, have I put on weight?’

BABES: ‘Well… Hmmm… Not really babes.’

PLEASE NOTE: Any sentence that a man utters beginning with the word ‘well’ or ‘hmm…’ usually means what’s in his head is the exact opposite of what you want to hear. You may be fooled into thinking his hesitation is just him weighing up whether or not you have acquired some extra baggage, but it’s not. It’s actually him trying to buy some time before the lie comes out of his mouth. A man will always notice if you’ve put on weight. He may prefer it when theres a little bit more off you to cuddle up to, and one thing is for certain when it comes to sizing up female bodies, men are like human calculators, but far more brutal.

WHRT is: ‘Are you seriously trying to tell me that you haven’t noticed the bed has started sinking on your side?.’ On the flip side there are some women who feel paranoid that they are getting too skinny, and don’t have enough “junk in their trunk” to keep their man interested. Its healthy to know that in the age of ‘size zero’ models a lot more women recognize it’s not sexy to be too slim. So, if you happen to ask your other half if you

are getting too skinny he may well give you the same hesitant answers as before.  The only difference being that some men may take it upon themselves to “feed you up”, i.e. don’t be surprised if he starts suggesting heavy card dinners/more pizza’s.

So why doesn’t he just tell the truth, for heaven’s sake?

Despite being acutely aware of our partners’ weight, men are simple creatures when it comes to articulating our feelings. As a result men surmisethat’s it’s just easier to tell you what you need to hear rather than try to find the words to communicateWHTR. However  cliché as it sounds, and at the risk of making this entire blog post irrelevant, the important thing to remember is not WHRT about up your weight, becauseimproving you’re health and fitness is as much about what’s happening on the inside of our bodies, as it about how we look on the inside.