What He Really Thinks (WHRT)… About Your Hair Extensions (aka weave)

There’s a cruel joke I once heard about a guy being mesmerized by a girl who walked past him. He runs up to the girl from behind unable to resist the beautiful shiny flowing tresses that tumbled off her shoulders and as he looks at her for the first time he thinks, ‘oh no, hair weave go again’! Ok so it’s cruel and not that funny either but the punch line is a metaphor for how some men have come to regard weaved hair/hair extensions. First appearances, even when you can’t see the woman’s face properly, are very important to a man, so What He Really Thinks (WHRT) about hair weaves is pretty straight forward and falls into three main categories, (a) he doesn’t know (b) he doesn’t care and (c) he doesn’t like them.

(a)He doesn’t like them:
Some men just have a thing about a weave, that thing being they don’t like them. For some it’s simply the thought of it – once they know it’s a weave and not your real hair, they then have a problem. It’s sometimes not the case that they don’t like weaves, it’s just that they have been led to believe it’s not cool to like them and they dare not go against that.
Most guys can’t tell the difference anyway, although that means wild coloursthe only problem here is, you might have to keep him from touching your hair, which could be a bit tricky. A more understandable gripe is he doesn’t like the feel of a weave. For some men, there is nothing worse than running his fingers through his ladies hair (e.g. in the throes of passion) and feeling the hard tracks on her scalp. That can really take the heat out of the moment – trust me. Worse still if, he’s grabbing hold of your ponytail only for it to come off in his hands. In the dark that stuff can get real scary. That happened to a guy I knew, he genuinely thought there was a rat in the bed when her pony tail fell off–true story.

(b) He doesn’t know:
As already mentioned some men don’t actually know when a weave is actually a weave, and at the risk of sounding repetitive it helps when the weave is done right – are you listening, ladies? Ignorance is bliss for these guys, bless them. These are also the kind of men who if you tell them the likes of Beyonce Knowles, Naomi Campbell and Cheryl Cole wear hair extensions, you will be met with a confused/surprised look.

He doesn’t care:
A lot of men couldn’t care less about your hair – once again as long as it looks decent, much in the same way that they couldn’t care less about push up/padded bras, unless he has a thing for big breasts and her double D’s stand for Double Deception. Guys in this category aregenerally the type of men who have matured enough to see the benefit of real inner beauty.