What He Really Thinks (WHRT)… About How You Manage Your Money

The topic of money triggers more arguments than any other aspect of a relationship, even more so than fidelity. The main reason being that men feel like they have a right to comment freely on how the women in their lives manage their finances/spending habits. WHRT about how you are with money becomes apparent in three distinct areas:

WHRT: you’re wasting money

This is often symbolized by yourshopping habits. As controversial asthis will sound, even the most sensible,intelligent and focusedwoman can be like a financial timebomb waiting to explode when putanywhere near a major shopping mall. For themost part,men simply donthave the temptations of impulsebuying that shopping brings, so hecan get very ignorant when hehears you pleading poverty one day,then buying new shoes like theywere penny sweets the next.

WHRT is: Does it never come to a point which a womanthinks “Nah, I have more shoesthan I’ve had periods, this is ridiculous,I can’t be buying anymore”?Or is the goal to keep buying shoesuntil you have one for every day ofthe year…for the next ten years?

Psychologists have described shoppingas “a total fulfillment experience”for women, in that it satisfiesthe desire for excitement, freedom,to feel comforted, to belong, and awhole range of other emotions thatmen can’t truly experience from aday at Westfield’s.

WHRT: you’re not shopping around

A lot of men love to haggle for the best price…on anything. But women often see this as tiresome or just plain embarrassing. A classic example is when it comes to renewing your mobile phone contract, I’ve heard some of my male friends negotiate a contract like they were sitting round a table at the United Nations. Most ladies I know wouldn’t dream of haggling over the price of a car, let alone a new EE price plan. So once again, this confuses men, whose peer groups are very impressed by the ability to find a bargain or get the cost of something significantly reduced.

WHRT is: you just can’t be bothered to look for the best deals.

When he thinks you don’t plan ahead:

This is the deepest and most frustrating concern that men have when it comes to how their partners handle finances. Men are real hypocrites in this regard because proper budgeting is beyond many of us.  Howevermany men feel they arein control because, when the truth is they are just very tight when it comes to money. I bet as you just read that last sentence you were thinking of man/men you know that won’t put their hand in their pocket to shake out the lint let alone take out a pound, right? Obviously not all men fall into this category but the ones that do use their frugal reasoningas the basis for their financial planning.

WHRT is “Even though I can buy that now, I can’t afford to now because I need to buy X…and besides it will probably be reduced in the sales.”

Generally men really don’t get too concerned with your finances unless it affects them. However, staying in control of your financesdefinitely influences the overall level of respect you command in a relationship, as well as how you feel about yourself– and feeling positive on the inside is priceless.